1. Download and run the client
  2. The format of the composition files
  3. Using the client
  4. Troubleshooting and contact

Download an run the client
The Standalone client is a java application for processing multiple composition configurations at once.

Mac users and computers with Java

If your computer runs Mac Os X or if it has a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) installed,  please download the client here.

You can run the client by double-clicking on the icon OpClient.jar or running the shell command
java -jar  OpClient.jar
in the folder where you will put the downloaded file.

Packaged versions for Linux and Windows

If you do not have a JVM (or if you are unsure of your configuration), you could download the packaged versions with build-in JVM :

The format of the composition files

A composition file is a text file. It contains 15 lines and every line is a numerical (decimal) value.

line 1    :    [C]
line 2    :    [N]
line 3    :    [O]
line 4    :    [Ne]
line 5    :    [Na]
line 6    :    [Mg]
line 7    :    [Al]
line 8    :    [Si]
line 9    :    [S]
line 10  :    [Ar]
line 11  :    [Ca]
line 12  :    [Cr]
line 13  :    [Mn]
line 14  :    [Fe]
line 15  :    [Ni]

where [X] is the fraction of the element X.
Usually one save these files with the extension .comp, but this is not required for the client to work.

Pay attention : do not leave blank spaces after the 15th line!

Using the client

The following screenshot show the main window of the client after startup.


1) Complete the text-field with your e-mail and push on the 'Choose comp files' button. This action will open the following new window for choosing files.


2) After you have chosen (at least) a file, in the main window will appear a new button, for starting the processing of selected file(s).


3) By pushing the 'Starting processing selected files', the client will check the selected files and will display which ones are in the valid form and which ones are invalid


4) If and only if all the selected files are valid, in the main window will appear a new button


5) By pushing the 'Run Computation on server', the client will send the valid files job to the server for computations. The user will receive results by e-mail (one e-mail for each composition file).

Troubleshooting and contact

Please, send an e mail to Carlo Maria Zwölf